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The Podee® Baby Bottle is a welcome solution to today’s busy, on-the-go parents. When it comes to feeding your baby, there is no better hands-free option.The Podee® Baby Bottle is a complete system that includes an 8-ounce BPA-Free baby bottle and all the necessary parts. It ends dropped bottles and allows for upright feeding to help reduce ear infections and colic.

Parents have found it to be very reliable in feeding infants with challenges as well.Our parents love to use the Podee® baby bottle in strollers, car seats and bouncies; or whenever they need an extra hand.Our unique, adaptive flow system allows the baby to manage the pacing and amount of flow with ease, making feeding time with the Podee bottle, always a pleasure.

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  • Baby Feeds UpRright
  • Hands Free Feeding System
  • The Bottle Insulator by Podee®
  • Podee® Kwik’N Easy Medicator
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